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Are you thinking about a new look and function for your backyard? Why not hire a professional barbecue island builder? Let J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design help you choose the outdoor kitchen or BBQ island design that is right for your property. They have helped design and build numerous custom barbecue islands in the Denver area.

There are a lot of great reasons to build a custom outdoor cooking and grilling area. Today, more than ever before, homeowners are taking their weekend cooking out to their backyards in a whole new way. More new homes today are being built with outdoor cooking in mind, and more existing homeowners are interested in making better use of the outdoor spaces they have. Take a look at some of the great benefits to hiring a barbecue island builder:

– If you enjoy entertaining, there’s nothing like having a place outdoors that is designated just for that purpose. There’s a big different between having friends and family over, grilling on a hibachi in the middle of your lawn and standing around with paper plates, and comfortably cooking and eating in your barbecue island. In fact, the difference is like night and day.

– Due to the tremendous popularity of the outdoor entertaining trend, building an outdoor barbecue island will increase the value of your home. If it’s true that upgrades to your kitchen retain the most value at the time when you sell your home, it’s even more true of an outdoor kitchen. The return on investment for outdoor kitchens of all designs, shapes, sizes and functions is greater than almost any other upgrade you can make on your home.

– Cooking outdoors in the summertime saves on your energy bill because the heat produced by the cooking equipment is not held captive in your home but dissipates out into the air. This really saves your air conditioning unit if you do a lot of heavy cooking in the summer.

– Leave the cooking odors outside. While food smells delicious, those lingering odors from frying and baking often do not. Keep your home smelling fresh in the summer. Hire a professional barbecue island builder to design and build the outdoor cooking area of your dreams.

– You’ll never want to eat out at a restaurant again when you have a beautiful outdoor cooking oasis. Spend more time with your family and friends while saving on restaurant bills. Cooking outdoors gives you incredible opportunities to gather with the people you most love and create great memories.

If you have an existing outdoor stone pattern in place, J’s Custom Concrete can match what you already have. They’ll help you position your outdoor cooking area to maximize your backyard space and help you choose the materials that will provide great aesthetic appeal and high function.

For more information, call the barbecue island builder at 720-297-1953. They offer over 35 years of experience building outdoor kitchens in Colorado and will be happy to design and build your barbecue island.

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