Decorative concrete vs Granite?

I have 2 contractors offering 2 different finishing for my floor…
Choice 1: Decorative concrete
Choice 2: Granite
Both prices are about the same….Pls give some advise.

i am trying to fins some where in Toronto that do seminar on stamp and coloured concrete?

How do I fix slippery stamped concrete that also gets very hot?

Our pool area has stamped concrete around it. We’ve tried adding grit to our sealer and have used a special sealer with grit in it, but it is still dreadfully slippery. It also gets so hot in the summer we can’t walk outside to the pool without sho…

How much is a qualified landscape designer likely to earn in Northern Ireland?

Looking to buy a shed – its a steel variety and must be fastened to a concrete or flagstone base – help!?

No idea what this means and am a complete novice at DIY/Gardening.

Thanks in advance.

Stamped concrete sealing?

We recently did our backyard with stamped concrete. Can we do the sealing of this concrete ourselves? What is the typical procedure to apply the sealing and what would be a good product ?

what can I put between flagstone to keep weeds from growing?

I have a flagstone patio and the stones are just laid on the dirt. They seem to be setting just fine but I want to keep the weeds from growing in the dirt between the stones. I would like to keep the natural look and do not want to mess with planting…

Can a general contractor take on a landscape job that includes concrete, trees, pool, etc?

I am a licensed general contractor wanting to take on out door work such as Landscaping and pools and basicly the whole darn back yard. According to the CA State law is this OK?

What to plant in between flagstone?

We have a flagstone patio that is laid in sand. We’re tired of this look and want to plant something in the seams- any suggestions? I did some dichondra seed but not sure if that will work. We live in AZ- so needs to be heat and drought and freeze…

If I lay a concrete footpath and roll decorative gravel in the surface, will it hold?

I do not recall seeing many examples of this and I’m wondering if there is a reason why it’s not that commonly done. I’ve seen plenty of tarmac, paving and loose-gravel paths.
The multi-coloured decorative gravel I would like to use will be Six 12mm…