10 x nineteen concrete patio behind the house total cost $2500, sound like a reasonable price?

includes all labor, equipment, material cost.

How do I get used car oil out of the concrete on my driveway?

We have spilt used care oil all of my drive way in my rental house and I have tried cleaning it. I used a gallon bottle of degreaser and a powerwasher and it is better but definitely still there. What should I do?

I have rust on my concrete patio. Help!?

I have a birthday party for my wife coming up. I need to get rid of these ugly rust stains I have on my concrete. I have tried scrubbing them and it does not take any of the stain off it just moves it around. If anyone has a product that they use to …

can i use the concrete patch available at home depot to put a smooth surface on a verty rough patio?

i put a patio in last spring, but the concrete wss very dry and resulted ina n extremely rough surface. will thye concrete patch bgivev a durable andfb smooth s urface? thanks, ron

How many half flagstones are there from here to The Circus Maximus?

Could a concrete/cement patio installed '08 have asbestos in it? We want it remvd to put in a pool.?

Thinking of buying a house (we need to respond quickly) in Florida built in ’02, but 15×20 cement/concrete patio installed in ’08. We want that ripped out to install an inground pool. Could the patio contain asbestos? I’ve heard concrete products…

How do I lay a brand new gravel driveway? My existing drive is old, cracked concrete. It's big enough for two cars.?

Which is better for a driveway concrete or asphalt ?

Cleaning off paint?How to get paint(dulux matt) off of a patio concrete/stone slab?

I opened a tiny tester pot(testing colours for my lounge) and the lid came off to fast and I got Paint Splaters on the patio. It’s only a very little bit, and i tried wiping I but it smudged into a thin layer, this paint really stands out on a sand c…

A driveway is eighty one feet long, six feet wide, and six inches deep. How many cubic feet of concrete will be required t?

If someone could please please please give me the answer