Do you have to remove the grass before pouring a concrete patio?

Can you pour concrete over grass

Anyone know if we can convert concrete driveway into asphalt driveway?

I have a concrete driveway got some cracks, and in bad shape. I know it is very expensive to get a brand new one. I’m thinking it will be much cheaper to just lay an layer of asphalt top to the concrete, but do not know if it can be done.

Should I hire a professional landscape architect to work on my landscape?

in north calif. what is the recommended psi for concrete driveway?

A four inch thick concrete slab i sbeing poured for a circular patio ten ft in diameter.?

A four inch thick concrete slab is being poured for a circular patio ten feet in diameter. Concrete costs $50 per cubic yard. Find the cost of the concrete, to the nearest cent. Help, my answer seems way off, thanks!
I got the same answer Rich so I…

would diluted dog urine kill my grass?

I have a neighbor that sprays down there back concrete patio, they’ve one dog and it pees on the concrete, so about Two 3 times a week they spray it down with a hose and all the run off is coming into my yard. My yard is dirt right now and I am putti…

I'm painting a landscape in art class tomorrow? any ideas? i want a sad feeling to it?

What is Landscape Photography?

In your words, what is the definition?

What type of masonary drill bit should I buy?

We have brick walls and borrowed a black&decker from my FIL – Now I have to get drill bits first so I went on ebay because our local hardware store only sells big sets of really expensive ones…I only need to drill a few holes and do not want to spe…

Is rock fracturing oil drilling going to ruin the landscape and environment of ND ?

Rock Fracturing causes the water tables to be ingested with chemicals and minerals that are dangerous to humans including methane gas that actally blew someones house up.
@Paladin: You are a real patriot aren’t you? Obviously you never been to North …