Commercial Construction Mn

Commercial Construction Mn

Finding a contractor who provides quality commercial construction in MN can be a daunting task, and not every contractor is qualified or experienced enough to see a commercial project to its end. Indeed, commercial projects are an entirely different beast than residential builds. Randahl Construction is Minnesota’s leading commercial construction firm because we specialize in commercial construction and we provide better services than any other firm, according to many of our satisfied clients.

As the general contractor for your commercial construction project, Randahl Construction will work with you to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a full-scale ground-up construction, an interior tenant improvement, pre-engineered building systems or whatever else; we work with the best professionals from across the spectrum. We work with architects, engineers, and real-estate agents; and we provide exactly what our clients want. Randahl Construction exists to turn your dream into a reality. We build from your point of view!

What Does “Building from Your Point of View Mean?”

We use the term “building from your point of view” to take into consideration everything our client is looking for. We sit down with our clients at the start of their projects to get a clear picture of what they want. We pick their brains for information from the beginning to the end of the project so that the final product we deliver is exactly what our client had in mind to begin with. We bring up every possible scenario and let them know each potential outcome – the upturn and downturn for each item that they’re requesting.

Collaboration is Key for Commercial Construction in MN

If you are a developer, and you’re looking for ground-up construction, we feel your pain! We understand you have a lot of work that needs to be done within a narrow window. We’re here to assist you and make sure you have everything that you need moving forward with your project.

If you are a tenant looking to do a tenant improvement, the same goes for you! We need to make sure that we’ve asked and exhausted every question to receive every answer so that we can best to assist you with the designing and constructing the space you want. There’s nothing worse than having something that doesn’t work for you. That’s why we make sure we provide every scenario upfront and make sure everything is disclosed with our open-book policy.

We Build Lasting Relationships with Our Clients

Even after the warranty period is over; even after you think that we’re no longer a viable partner because it’s been five, ten, or fifteen years; we want to make sure you come back, and we want to make sure that you’re happy with your choices and results. People choose us because we make sure that they come first.

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For the best commercial construction in MN, Randahl Construction is the clear choice. We will work with you to make your dream construction project come true.

Commercial Construction Mn

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Commercial Construction Mn

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