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Are you looking for a qualified decorative hardscape contractor in the Denver Metro area? Consider J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design for your next hardscape project. Their professionals can offer the experience and knowledge you’re looking for when it comes to hiring a contractor.

Decorative stamped concrete is one of the most popular means of creating beautiful outdoor spaces in the Denver area. Although contractors have been applying stamped concrete for almost 5 decades it’s only very recently that the art and science of decorative stamped concrete has really come full circle. In the 70s there were only a handful of options for the homeowner considering the look of stamped concrete; today, the choices are virtually unlimited.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a decorative hardscape contractor is that today’s materials offer such a wide range of options when it comes to improving the function and beauty of your outdoor space. Custom-built flagstone patios offer tremendous visual appeal and a lifetime of function. The beautiful, irregular shapes that flagstone comes in make it the ideal material to build walkways, decorative driveways and incredible patios that will make you want to spend a lot more time outdoors!

Flagstone has a rugged beauty that makes it the perfect material for outdoor projects and its glittery surface that sparkles in the sunlight offers fabulous appeal. A decorative hardscape contractor from J’s can also use flagstone to create retaining walls, built-in seating in a patio area and planters that will last a lifetime.

Homeowners who are interested in the beautiful look of natural stone often opt for decorative stamped concrete because it offers all of the appeal of a natural building material at a small fraction of the cost. One of the greatest benefits of decorative concrete is that it can be patterned, textured or embossed to resemble slat, brick, flagstone, stone, tile, wood and various other patterns and appearances. Stamped concrete is the new top choice for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, interior flooring and many other areas!

Homeowners love the look of decorative stamped concrete as well as being able to achieve that look for so much less than they would otherwise be able to have the same quality, and stamped concrete can often outlast its counterparts.

If you’ve ever seen the beauty of brick veneer you may have considered it for your outdoor hardscape. Custom brick veneer, a form of veneer masonry, is a material that is used in Denver home construction for decorative purposes. The material is also referred to as facing and can be found in a variety of materials and styles. It offers all of the aesthetic value of brick without all of the cost.

For more information about brick veneer, contact the decorative hardscape contractor from J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design by calling 720-297-1953 or visit online at

You’ll never regret the decision to invest in the appearance and function of your back yard. Be sure to contact the professionals that can deliver the results you’re looking for.

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