floor polishing Adelaide

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floor polishing Adelaide

Get a Premier Floor Polishing in Adelaide

Wooden floors are one of the most spectacular finishes that a home or business can have. However, in time, the floor will wear and tear, losing its shine and beauty. In those cases, you can renew the look of the surface with an Adelaide floor polishing.

This technique will not only allow you to restore the gloss and appearance of the wood floor. Maintenance will also help eliminate accidental damage from scratches, spills, dirt, or shifting furniture. The wise thing to do is to rely on the expertise of leading floor polishers in Adelaide. You must consider certain aspects before you start the project, and you must know where you can find a top of the line floor polishing in Adelaide.

5 Things to Consider Before Polishing Your Wood Floor

  1. Provider Selection

It is essential that the floor sander in Adelaide you choose works with the type of wood that makes up your floor. Also, make sure that the staff is properly certified with the QBCC and the AFTA (Australian Timber Flooring Association). The specialist should provide a comprehensive service so that you don’t have to deal with several contractors.

  1. Choose the Right Time

Floor polishing may be part of an overall construction or renovation project. In that case, floor polishing should be the last activity on the list. This will prevent any other work from damaging the final surface finish. You also need to choose a time of year that is conducive to the project. Factors such as high humidity and rain will make the project take longer, and may also alter the final result.

  1. Thickness

Keep in mind that the wood wears out and loses thickness each time it is sanded. In that sense, the material has a limited amount of renewals. Before starting the project, you must know if your current floor is thick enough to be sanded. It is best to ask your floor sanding and polishing service in Adelaide to inspect and verify the condition of the surface before committing to performing the procedure.

  1. The Finish

You must select the final finish that your floors will have once they are renovated. The high-gloss is a spectacular option, but keep in mind that the dirt and marks will be easily seen. The satin offers you a slight sheen and durability, and the matte both rustic & modern look. It is also essential that you decide if you want the floor to have the same color, or if it is time to give a chromatic twist to the decoration of the spaces.

  1. Major Damage

While most scratches and marks disappear with the sanding and polishing process, there is some significant damage that requires extra attention. Some of the timber may be broken, or you can have water damage that has deformed some piece. In any case, it is ideal for making these repairs before polishing.

Trust the Experts

If you want to give that exceptional look back to your wood floors, you can count on Floor Sanding Adelaide. Let us provide you with an excellent sanding, polishing, and varnishing service, which will not only bring back the glow to your floors but will significantly increase the value of your property. Call us to request a quote, or request a quote online. We will be happy to assist you.

floor polishing Adelaide