Glass Bespoke Display Cases

Glass Bespoke Display Cases

Why Have DesignEx Custom Craft Your Glass Bespoke Display Cases:

At DesignEx Cabinets, quality and craftsmanship is championed to a higher degree than other sites you’ll find on the Web; all cabinets are hand made by professional craftsmen to show your items off to their fullest. Prevalent design highlights draw out the nature of your things without any potential limitations. Whatever your needs happen to be when searching for a display case, at DesignEx, you are ensured the accompanying advantages:

Your glass bespoke display cases will be custom crafted to request- and to your correct determinations. You select each component of the cabinet from the wood finish and size to the lighting and the quantity of racks for showcasing your items.

Lighting alternatives for your cabinet incorporate LED and delicate light display to guarantee your things are featured in the exact way you want them to be shown.

Imperceptible rack bolsters streamline the outline of your glass bespoke display cases and make tastefully satisfying lines that are extremely viable in keeping the attention on what is being shown. Concealed lighting links guarantee there are no chaotic wires to take away from the display.

Every cabinet designed by DesignEx Cabinets is produced with unrivaled load limit and are upheld by an interesting corner post outline that guarantees that the full load limit of every rack is advanced.

If you’re worried that another vendor may have a key that fits your cabinets, you can rest easy knowing there are thousands of key options for your cases. Your keys will not only be unique to your cabinets, DesignEx can even provide matching keys to your complete set.

When floor space is limited, select a wall-mount cabinet design that will lift your items up off of the ground and display them in a way that is attractive. Eye-level glass bespoke display cases have a solid design with toughened glass sliding entryways, toughened security glass racking, reflected or board backing and are completely assembled before being shipped to your place of residence or business. Feel free to browse standard design options or have your cabinets custom built to your specs when you call 01453 826868.

Many businesses are looking to tabletop glass cases for an innovative way to showcase valuables. You’ll simply love the way a tabletop display case brings out the highlights of any product being displayed.

Freestanding Tower glass cases are the perfect choice when a limited amount of floor space keeps you from being able to use a tabletop cabinet. Experience the best of both worlds with a tower cabinet that looks great from absolutely any angle. Mirrored backing really makes your items stand out when used against a wall. Use a tower case to show off your best collection of elegant trophies or awards.

In the unlikely event that your items are too heavy to be displayed by the toughened glass shelves, DesignEx can calculate the load and increase the support capacity with thicker glass shelves that can accommodate any items you have to display. Call DesignEx Cabinets at 01453 826868 to discuss your shelving needs with a specialist.