hot water tank replacement Abbotsford

hot water tank replacement Abbotsford

When is it time for hot water tank replacement in Abbotsford?

From showers to baths to laundry and hand-washing, the hot water tanks in most households work round the clock to meet the huge demand for warm water. Unfortunately, no one pays attention to the strain until something goes wrong with them. Like most other electrical appliances, water heaters need regular maintenance if they are to keep functioning optimally. But unlike most appliances, even the best heaters have a lifespan. While routine maintenance can keep your unit going for long, there'll come the point when you need hot water tank replacement in Abbotsford. Below are a few signs that can tell you you're at that point:

Water running cold

If your hot water tank gives out cold water or inconsistent water temperatures, there is a high chance you need to replace the unit. However, it would be best if you first contacted your plumber for a maintenance check. They're likely to drain the water heater and take a look at the components. Sometimes, replacing a part will suffice. Often, however, giving off cold water indicates that the unit is old, and you're due for hot water tank replacement in Abbotsford.

Leaking tank

Homeowners should consider a leaking hot water tank as a plumbing emergency. If left unattended, the leaks can lead to mold infestation or, worse still, cause direct damage to the structures in your home. The moment you notice any of these signs, you shouldn't hesitate to call the experienced plumbers at Ellen's and Son's immediately:

  • Water pooling at the bottom of your heater
  • Stains on your floor walls
  • Cracks or mold formation in your floors

Cloudiness or visible rust sediments

Cloudiness or visible rusty sediments in your water sample is another telltale sign that you need hot water tank replacement in Abbotsford. The minerals in your water sample will naturally corrode the heating element over time. A large portion of the element will be affected at some point, and your tank will become much less efficient. The problem is more pronounced in areas with a high level of water hardness. Once you notice any sign of rust, you should consider inviting your plumber to inspect the unit.

Old age

Even the best water tanks have a lifespan of about a decade. If you're just moving into a home, you may want to find out the last time the hot water tank was replaced. With proper maintenance, your unit should last for about eight years, after which you're likely to start experiencing the signs above. And once that happens, you should seek your expert plumbers' informed opinion to advise you on the best move.

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hot water tank replacement Abbotsford

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