Misters For Patio

Check out budget-friendly misters for patio areas from Cool-Off when you want to spend more time outdoors but need a way to stay cool and comfortable in the heat of the day. We carry affordable kits and accessories for DIY projects, depending on your goals. Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll find we are the most reputable supplier of misting systems for sale online, with a broad range of products to choose from. Create a refreshing oasis in your patio area, around your grilling spot, or in any backyard space that needs a respite from boiling temperatures.

Cool-Off’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Patio Mister

Keep in mind that the best water cooling systems aren’t necessarily the most expensive products on the market; very often, you’ll find discounts and sale prices just by shopping around. Start your search for misters for patio cooling on our website to find low-cost outdoor water misting equipment, complete misting kits, hardware, water misting accessories, and parts. We stock everything you need under one roof at Cool-Off.

Do-It-Yourself Set-Ups

Are you looking for a summertime project for your family to work on together? Pick up water misting accessories and parts from our website and build your own misters for patio or backyard cooling. We carry misting fans, pumps, misting nozzles & rings, tubing, hardware, plugs, valves, fittings, and much more. Everyone will love working on your outdoor misting system and look forward to the cool mist when spending time outdoors.

Residential And Commercial Misting Systems

Are you shopping for a backyard mister or something more suitable for a commercial or industrial application? We have all types of misters available in our Web store, from misters for patio use to larger kits to mist outdoor dining establishments, warehouses, commercial pool decks, and other locations where guests or customers need a way to keep cool. Feel free to contact a Cool-Off product specialist for help selecting the right kit for your misting needs; reach us by phone or use the convenient Ask The Experts link on our site.

Cool-Off’s Best Misting Systems

Our portable misters are extremely convenient, affordable, and travel-ready; use one of our three portable misting systems to stay comfortable during outdoor sporting events, at backyard barbecues, or wherever life takes you this summer. The Tropical Breeze is our smallest unit, with a 10 gallon capacity; our Island Breeze portable fan is a bit larger, with a 13 gallon tank; the Tahitian Breeze has a 10 gallon tank with high-pressure misting capabilities, offering the ultimate fun-in-the-sun spot cooling.

Take advantage of discounts and sale prices currently available at Cool-Off; shop for misting kits, mister accessories & parts, patio umbrellas, misting cabanas & tents, and many other items to help you beat the summer heat around your home, business, or while on-the-go. A cool, refreshing mist in a strategic place in your yard can make a big difference in your family’s comfort level, especially if you enjoy spending time out of doors. Chat live with us using our Web chat feature for immediate answers to your questions.

Misters For Patio