Property Condition Assessment

Property Condition Assessment

Newbanks is one of the superior construction consultants in the country. We currently handle over ten billion dollars’ worth of construction projects across the United States. We offer the most professional property condition assessment for buildings and properties.

What is the difference between a PCA and FCA?

Both are property assessments that we conduct following the guidelines of ASTM 2018. PCAs involves assessment and evaluation on the current condition of a building and its components while FCAs requires evaluation and assessment of the asset’s long term performance.

PCAs help parties such as the lenders, potential investors, and appraisers to take a wise decision before the acquisition of a property. PCA reports details on the operating status of the property and the performance of the building’s infrastructure. Furthermore, the report will elaborate on the building’s deficiencies, immediate repairs, and other aspects that involve expenditure. We also present in our report an asset’s capital needs both in the short term as well as long term. This helps our clients in lease and purchase price negotiations.

Conversely, with FCAs, we assess the property on its capital budgeting and investment management capabilities. FCA reports can help owners and managers in making critical financial decisions. FCAs help managers understand the current discrepancies and plan future capital expenditures accordingly. FCA reports also offer guidance to management about what immediate maintenance costs the building requires and other corrective measures.

Another significant difference is that FCA reports provide an evaluation of an organization’s income, cash flow, and expense projections. The PCA report elaborates on the operating status of a building and its areas of inefficiency.

What is a PCA inspection?

We provide property condition assessment reports for lending institutions and real estate investors. We send our team of highly-experienced engineers, architects, and building inspectors who supervise and conduct assessments on the property and evaluate the condition of the property.

After a thorough assessment, our team will prepare a PCA report detailing all the vital details of a property’s condition. The report will also contain details on those aspects in the property that require immediate repairs and those parts of the infrastructure that requires a replacement. PCA reports help our client come to a wise decision about investing in a property based on its condition, maintenance costs, and performance.

Benefits of conducting a PCA

PCA reports can help you gain technical knowledge about a property as these reports detail in areas like performance, the cost of property maintenance, existing and potential repairs, etc. This will help you take an appropriate decision with regards to your investment. In our PCA reports, we analyze a property’s potential risks and bring them to your notice. With a professional PCA report in hand, you are safe from investing in a poorly performing property.

At Newbanks, we are always ready to cater to our client’s needs. Our PCA reports precisely list out all the problems in a property, including construction problems, code violations, structural issues, poor material quality, etc. Call us for a property condition assessment today.

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Property Condition Assessment

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