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Homeowners who are looking for a stamped concrete contractor can contact J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design for professional installation. More and more people are choosing stamped concrete for their projects because of the affordability and beauty that it adds to a yard. 


If you’re wondering what stamped concrete is, you’re among a growing group of homeowners who are starting to take notice. Stamped concrete is poured concrete that is able to be patterned, textured or otherwise embossed so that it resembles brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood and various other materials. It’s commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and interior flooring, with spectacular results. A professional stamped concrete contractor can provide exactly the look you want.


Probably the most attractive appeal to stamped concrete is that a homeowner can achieve the look of a much more expensive material at a fraction of the cost. The nature of stamped concrete to resemble other building materials that cost far more than concrete does, makes it affordable to almost all homeowners. You can have the look of real stone, slate or brick, without having to pay for it- and stamped concrete does not offer a cheap resemblance, it offers the look of the real thing.


Clients can often become confused by what stamped concrete is and what it isn’t. It’s different from other concrete procedures that are available today. There are three phases used in stamped concrete; the first being the addition of a base color, next the addition of the accent color and finally the stamping of the pattern into the concrete. It takes an experienced and skilled stamped concrete contractor to pull off the authentic look of the material that is desired in the outcome. J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design has the expertise and the years in the industry behind them to provide the results their clients are looking for.


Through this three-step procedure, the stamped concrete is able to take on the color and shape of the natural building material, with the added benefits of less cost and perhaps even more important, stamped concrete is much more durable than even traditional materials. Stamped concrete is longer lasting than paved stone, and offers all of the aesthetic appeal.


Let’s take a closer look at the three-step procedure:


- Adding the base color creates the main color of the concrete that is chosen to reflect the color of the natural building material being imitated. 


- The accent color is the secondary color that will product the texture and show additional building materials in the stamped concrete.


- The pattern is the shape of the surface of the stamped concrete. This is the pattern that will reflect the shape of the natural building material. Just after the concrete is poured, the pattern is imprinted into the concrete with a concrete stamp.


If you’ve been considering stamped concrete for your yard project, contact a contractor from J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design by calling 720-297-1953. They’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote and discuss the details of your project.

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decorative stamped concrete

Homeowners love the look of decorative stamped concrete. In fact, the only thing they love more than the look is the price tag! Stamped concrete is among the most cost-effective ways to create a beautiful surface for patios, driveways, walkways and even indoor flooring that mimics the look of traditional materials, without the high cost.


J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design offers exceptional decorative stamped concrete craftsmanship for all of your surface projects. While the art and style of stamped concrete has been around for at least 50 years, today’s contractor has learned new techniques and has access to far better products than in the past. The results of today’s stamped concrete is simply spectacular.


Decorative stamped concrete today is able to provide homeowners with elegant and functional surfaces that stand up to the elements and are in most cases even more durable than the traditional pavers and bricks they imitate. When you consider the affordable cost of stamped concrete, it just makes sense for homeowners to go this route. There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing decorative stamped concrete as besides the obvious ones. Let’s take a look:


- Stamped concrete is almost maintenance free. After the sealing there is only a matter of occasional cleaning. Consider that most traditional surface materials become loose over time, begin to settle and create tripping hazards. Decorative stamped concrete will never settle or require replacing of components. Take into consideration the cost of products for maintaining other surfaces and again, you’ll find you’re saving on concrete.


- You’re not only going to save on material costs with decorative stampede concrete, you’re going to save a lot in labor costs as well. It is far more labor intensive to haul pavers and lay them by hand than to pour and stamp concrete.


- What else will you get from your one-time investment? Great return. Concrete lasts much longer than other materials, is highly durable and will stand up to the elements. As far as standing up to high traffic areas, nothing can compare.


- Thinking of selling now or in the future? Few things will hold their investment value and produce ROI like the incredibly beautiful look of decorative stamped concrete. Stamped concrete gives so much and asks for so little in return!


- Regardless of where you live, you have access to the material of your choice, through decorative stamped concrete. You can choose among the most expensive materials on the market, and duplicate them effectively through stamping. Choosing traditional pavers requires that you have the funds and the access to the materials you want to use. Stamped concrete changes the game.


If you’re considering a new patio, resurfacing your driveway or creating a beautiful walkway in your landscape, consider decorative stamped concrete. Don’t be tempted to stay inside of the box. Bring your stamped concrete ideas inside of your home and create spectacular flooring that will wow your guests and last the lifetime of your home.


For more information about a stamped concrete project you have in mind, contact J’s Custom Concrete and Landscape Design by calling 720-297-1953.




Acid Stain Concrete Denver

Perhaps it’s time you created an enchanting garden for your home. Invest in landscaping and take time to plant beautiful flowers. Don’t forget to add sitting areas or walkways as a finishing touch. A custom pergola contractor can easily create this for you. Contact Js Custom Concrete & landscape Design. Visit our website to see what we can do.  

No backyard or garden is complete without a pergola. If you already have a wonderful veranda or gazebo in your home, you can use a pergola to connect it to the main house. Pergolas can be constructed easily and don’t have to cost a fortune. Contact a custom pergola contractor today to discuss your options.
Adding a pergola to your home can certainly increase its value. It is one of the best projects you can do if you intend to sell your house soon, as it promises a high return on your investment. Pergolas can either be free-standing or used as a pathway to connect pavilions and other structures. For an added enchanting effect, you can even grow vines on the pergola. You may even install lighting or hang lamps on your pergola to transform your yard into a beautiful entertaining space at night. 
Js Custom Concrete and Landscape Design is a custom pergola contractor offering high-quality gazebos and pergolas. Browse our website to see some of our sample projects. Our company goes beyond building pergolas. We can also build you a deck, a patio, barbecue pit, custom concrete walkways and driveways. We even offer landscaping design services. Js Custom Concrete and Landscape Design is your one-stop shop for all your backyard makeover requirements. Please fill up our online form if you want to request a bid or for inquiries. Js Custom Concrete and Landscape Design can also be reached at 720-297-1953.

Decorative Concrete Denver

decorative concrete DenverIf your driveway or patio or other outdoor areas of your home needs updating, try decorative concrete Denver. This way, you can choose from a wide range of designs instead of opting for traditional styles like bricks and flagstones. Not only will your home look better--its value is sure to rise up, too. Complete the form on our website to get a free quotation for your home.

You can approach a decorative concrete Denver specialist if you want this service for your home. Stamped concrete is stylish and versatile, and there are almost no limits to the designs that can be made. They will look great in other parts of your home, too, including your pool deck, driveway, walkway, patio, and your basement.

Stamped concrete can even be used indoors as basement flooring. Make sure to have it professionally made and installed for quick results. The end result is a natural-looking and attractive floor, especially if you use your basement as an extra room for entertaining.

The driveway is one of the most noticeable aspects of your home's exterior, and that is why you need to make an effort to make it look great. Stamped concrete can easily improve the appearance of your driveway and make it more appealing.

The patio is another part of the house where decorative stamped concrete can be used. Concrete can match the size and curves of your patio, so it does not matter how small or large your backyard space is. Concrete is a low maintenance material as long as it is properly installed and cared for.

decorative concrete Denver - Not Just For Floors?

The use of stamped concrete is not limited to flooring. Specialists like J's Custom Concrete And Landscape Design can engrave designs on terracotta or stone tiles on concrete posts, and walls. Whatever your design, experts from J's Custom Concrete And Landscape Design can bring it to life for you and handle the installation, too. Call 720-297-1953 for a quote from one of the leading outdoor design professionals in Denver. You can check out samples of our decorative concrete Denver projects in this website.

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