do you think this is a cruel thing for a six year old to do?

I once saw the six year old son of some people I know playing in their garden, the child’s cousin was also in the garden, she was one 1/2 year old girl and she was copying every thing he did when the very little boy became aware of this the first thi…

what are the ingredients for concrete and how do you mix concrete to make a small base for a patio extension?

Why does my puppy keep peeing at the same spot?

My thirteen week old puppy keeps peeing at the same place on concrete floor on the patio. I have washed/ scrubbed it with pet deodorizer, made for pet stains and it doesn’t work at all. He’s still peeing at the same spot. But he has only been doing i…

Denver Backyard Patio Revolution

Denver Concrete Patios by J's Custom Concrete

Denver concrete patios are being transformed into luxurious extensions of the house. They’re the new favorite room to relax, entertain, and cook. And the heart and soul of the Colorado backyard patio resort area is the Denver concrete… Read More

how much does twenty by fifteen concrete patio cost?

how many bags of concrete do i need for 12x12x12 3 deep patio?

want to do concrete on my back yard as a patio. It is 13ft x 15ft with a 4 thick. 2,250 ? San Diego CA?

need to put forms and all labor with materials

How do i determine how much concrete is needed for a patio slab?

Can you create a patio out of pavers on top of an existing concrete slab?

In my back yard I have a slab on concrete that is old, stained, and cracked in several places. I thought about creating a patio using patio pavers in an effort to make the back yard a very little more appealing. Can I do this? Has anyone done this th…

Concrete Acid Stain Revolution

denver acid stain concrete is a favorite at js custom concrete

To understand the appeal of concrete acid stain we must look to the past. ¬†Years back, those seeking high style have often would paint Denver concrete surfaces. Particularly in the fifties and sixties, patios surfaces, Denver garage floors… Read More