flagstone or stamped concrete?

We want to fix our patio and are not sure what to use. Flagstone or stamped concrete? Both would be installed professionaly on top of our existing concrete slab.
I heard bad about both by now and really can’t make up my mind
any advice????

how much do people charge to install flagstone walkways?

i live in massachusetts so if you have a rough idea of my state pricing it will be great but i am glad to get any responses thanks. i will be removing the soil adding base and a nailable edge to keep walkway from shifting. i will be cutting and brea…

remove gum on flagstone?

remove gum spots on flagstone flooring

CLEANING FLAGSTONE FLOORS? normal soapy water and scubbing brush not working.?

We have moved in and have flagstones with white marks on and inground I know not what …. how can I get them really clean as scrubggin just aint shifting it. Thanks!

Loose Flagstone-How to repair?

I have a flagstone entry…It is over twenty five years old. Basically in good shape except a couple of the large flagstones (1’x1.5′ x2 thick avg size) are loose. The cement between is missing or cracked and needs to be fixed.

How would I go about …

I have big pcs of flagstone in my yard and I wanted to use it to make a firepit, can flagstone withstand heat?

My goal was to dig a hole and lay a couple of the larger stones on the bottom, grade up the sides and cover them with smaller stones, then make a few layers of the flagstone at the top. I heard that some stones can explode (ie. sandstone). PS. I a…

Can I use wet flagstone to sharpen a old pocket knife?

I heard somewhere that you could do that

What is a good groundcover to plant between flagstone?

This is a shaded area, low traffic. I’ve tried Irish moss but pesky squirrels dig it up before it gets a chance to root correctly. Would a shade variety of grass grow?

what can I plant in the cracks of flagstone patio?

To keep the weeds away and make my patio look special, I would like to grow a colorful plant in the cracks of the flagstone patio floor

Can you substitute slate floor tiles for flagstone in the yard?

I want to put in a small patio. About 12′ x 5′ and was planning on using flagstone, until I saw the price. $9.99/sq. ft. However, I found boxes of slate floor tiles in the clearance isle for $.1.87/sq. ft. Just want to know if it can be done and they…