Liberals……..America is Broke?

America’s net present value is negative $120 triillion dollars, which we must cut ss benefits,medicare, medicaid, pension funds and other entitements and promises from are Government on all levels.

The baby boomers are taking out more entitlement fu…

Was my concrete poured correctly? PVC pipe vs. re bar?

Last fall I had an approximately 1200 sqr ft stamped concrete patio poured and a pool deck installed. Now, less than a year later, it has surface cracks everywhere, some fairly deep cracks, and a couple places on the decking where the concrete separ…

Does anyone know how to put the colour back into stamped concrete?

I have a drive which is stamped concrete and I have to say the builder that did it hasn`t done a very good job. It has been down for about 6/7 years now and we seal it every eighteen months to two years. This year after all the snow we have noticed…

Which is a cheaper landscaping option: stamped concrete or brick/stone pavers?

I’m looking for cheap LOW MAINTENANCE landscaping

What is Concrete Stamping?

I’ve heard of this type of concrete restoration, but what exactly is it and whats the process like?

How do you fix stamped concrete?The dye and sealer is chipping of after only a month.?

Where can I rent or buy concrete stamps? Menards, Home Depot or Lowes don’t sell them…any ideas?

Where can I rent or buy concrete stamps? Menards, Home Depot or Lowes don't sell them…any ideas?

Best material for patio – stamped concrete or brick pavers?

I’d like to build a brand new patio in my backyard, right next to my house. I’m wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of stamped concrete vs. brick pavers. Thanks!

Can you use a propane torch on stamped concrete to remove ice build-up?

Sand does not help much, since we live up on a mountain. Is there other methods that are just as effective? We were told not to use salt on the driveway or concrete.