Vancouver Renos

Vancouver Renos

TV shows make building and architecture look easy and smooth. They do not show us the amount of background work that puts together a perfect project and the time they take to preplan an entire show’s success. These shows and magazine covers piqued public admiration and inspired us to include some of them in our construction and remodeling projects.

Twin Peaks Construction builders in North Van have a visionary approach to all construction projects. We are keen on every detail from the design to the material selection, and project reveal. We want to let you in on the services that make up residential or commercial construction projects so you know what to expect at each stage. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach for commercial and residential projects, there is a singular way to plan and execute the constructions.

A review of our commercial and home remodeling in North Van

Obtain the permits and codes

Did you know that owning land does not grant you automatic rights to building your private home? Constructions of all kinds must have proper permits and codes to adhere to the local authorities. These rules protect you because some lands may be unsafe for human habitation due to geographical discrepancies. Commercial constructions must always obtain permits to certify the construction of elaborate developments like parking lots, elevators among other fixtures.

Choosing the materials

The residential construction industry relies on specific construction materials like wood and steel, depending on the construction type, budget, and other issues. The average homeowner will prefer the more affordable materials and rely on us to recommend and choose suppliers. Commercial building owners also rely on our expert insights and tenuous relationships with clients to choose the best materials. We have a broad scope of building commercial and residential projects and will take away the unwanted headache for smooth project execution.

Set the work pace

The idea of hiring construction companies in North Vancouver for a renovation project is to complete it as quickly as possible while ensuring excellent standards. This means the business should have a track record of success and combine its technical know-how with professionalism to move the project forward with a collective mindset. Vancouver renos typically have fast execution because our North Vancouver custom home builder has years of experience in expediting cost-effective and top-tier projects.

The most common residential and commercial Vancouver renos

  • Remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, and dining space to freshen up the ambiance. The specific details include putting together fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, and entire space redesigning to get the most of your space.
  • Office remodeling includes dividing the space into cubicles, changing the size, widening the entryways, and finding architectural designs to promote collaboration among staff.
  • Modernizing the restroom and appliances with modern fixtures and upgrades like restroom tools.

The most important thing to consider that professional custom home builders in North Vancouver will let you in on the entire project planning and keep you updated with critical developments. Call our renovations contractor (W. Vancouver: 778-882-8001 or N Vancouver: 604-243-1793) to help you understand the contract and details that matter for your home or office. You can also use the online tool to get a free quote estimate today. 

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