Water Features & Ponds

Custom Water Features add beauty to any Denver homeGreat water features can play a dramatic role in any landscape design. Water features add visual beauty and movement, and the cooling, soothing sounds of flowing water adds a dimension of tranquility.

Adding the natural element of water to your landscape design can greatly enhance that special garden in your property. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil koi pond for your backyard, a cascading water fountain to provide a dramatic focal point for an entry or a completely custom pool area landscape design, J’s Landscaping and Concrete Design can create a complimentary water feature design for a totally unique residential or commercial landscaping plan.

A custom Denver water feature fountain uses water for artistic and decorative effect. This often includes jetting the water high into the air or having it cascade along various descending paths, which are beautiful to both hear and see.

Custom water features add depth and beauty to your poolside areaBuilding a water feature fountain requires knowledge of the water element, the effects of gravity on water and a eye and ear for natural beauty. Constructing a custom water feature is like creating music or a painting. Water features can be shaped to almost any form using solid materials to produce a moving piece of landscape art.

Working with Denver home water fountains requires an in depth knowledge of the dynamics of water, gravity, design and aesthetic for optimum results. Access to professional services in the fields of landscape design, carpentry, electrical and interior design can help ensure that your custom water features provide years of safe and trouble free enjoyment.

When our Denver landscape professionals design your custom water features we ensure the balance of all aspects of your landscape plan. J’s Landscaping and Concrete Design specializes in hardscape & landscape custom water features.

Our Pools and Water Features services include:

Popular custom water features include beautiful ponds* Garden Water Fountains

* Custom Concrete Overlays

* Natural Streams and Ponds

* Waterfalls

* Water Gardens

Custom water features are the perfect accessory to every garden. Even the smallest water feature can supply you with the tranquil sounds of flowing water and is suitable for the courtyard garden or at the end of the patio. The water is continuously recycled so no water is wasted and there is minimal water loss due to evaporation.

In the greater Denver area, JS Concrete and Landscape Design is known as The Custom Water Feature Guys.  Let us design and install your dream backyard garden water features!

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