Are landscape architects REAL architects?

I have a friend who is dating a landscape architect. From what I’ve seen him do, it looks like he’s just a regular landscaper guy. Like he works on yards and stuff. So is landscape architect a real architect or is it nothing more than a euphemistic formulation fabricated to make landscapers look more prestigious?

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  1. I think they are. I mean I’ve heard of this as a legitimate occupation, not just a euphemism. Maybe your girl’s guy is just really passionate about his job. He likes being involved and getting down and dirty. It probably cuts costs, too, if he’s on board w/ the physical labor, as it reduces the need for another set of hands. I am just speculating though, so do not take this as a definitively correct answer.

  2. Technically you don’t need to have a degree in architecture to be a landscape architect. Totally different requirements. Most landscape folks have their backgrounds in botany or a related field and use their knowledge of horticulture to produce the desired environmental effects. They do need to have additional knowledge about building structures and such, but it does not require the complexity that is required by a building architect.

  3. Yes, just a different type. LAs have education and tested licensing requirements just like architects.
    There are LAs who specialize in different areas. Some more hardscape, some more plant oriented.
    LAs can design city streetscape, downtown malls or someone’s backyard pool.
    BTW – the average salary for LAs is much higher than architects.


  4. Landscape architecture is a degree program offered by many colleges and universities. It IS a legitimate career path. They study different areas than an architect that designs buildings. Many architectural firms have 1 or several landscape architects on staff. They design the grounds that surround the building, including determining which plantings go where, They’re thoroughly familiar with the types of plantings that will grow in different soil types, how tall various trees and shrubs will grow to when mature, as well as being familiar with how different plantings will work together aesthetically. They spend a lot of time in the field compared to structural architects. When working on residential jobs, they may spend a day in the office and four in the field. Hope this helps.

  5. it looks good on his business card. he’s just a landscaper but it sells so he uses it.

  6. A real architect designs structures. a landscaper designs plant and tree layouts. Big difference.

  7. Yes, Landscape Architects are real architects. They’ve to go through architectural degrees along with horticultural degrees. LA’s must know codes, they must know grades, drainages, and they must be licensed.