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Brick Veneer Revolution

Custom brick veneer, a form of ‘veneer masonry,’ is a material that is used in Denver home construction for decorative purposes. The material is also referred to as facing and can be found in many different styles and materials. Custom brick veneer  is one of the most popular types of this material and has the appearance of brick without the cost of brick.

Brick Veneer Looks and Feels Real!

‘Facing’ is a term used to identify the application of a material to a wall surface. This material is often used on both exterior and interior walls. Brick veneer provides a textured finish and creates a richer appearance than a standard flat painted wall. Both brick and wood are common veneer materials.

The good look and durability of brick veneer make it just as qualified for Denver commercial spaces as it is for residential. In fact, if the veneer brick material is applied properly it can be impossible to tell it’s veneer. This is particularly true with woods such as oak or pine, as well.

brick veneer diagram shows the essential components of a Denver installation Custom brick veneer can commonly be found in rustic settings, but is just as conducive to classic or contemporary decors. It all depends on how it is used and what materials are used to accent it. By using the correct type of brick veneer and the right decorating accents, you can use brick veneer to create the setting and style you desire.

Applying brick veneer is actually pretty simple and quick. Before starting the process it is necessary to apply a damp cloth to the wall and make sure the wall is clean and free of bumps. If there are bumps on the surface of the wall they should be sanded down. Once the surface of the wall is clean and free of debris, mortar can be applied.

custom brick veneer even up close can fool anyone in Denver

The mortar adheres to the wall and is used to adhere the brick veneer to the wall in a manner that is similar to applying tile. The veneer is placed over the mortar and allowed to dry. While it is drying, there is a plastic mold that is commonly used to make sure the brick veneer stays in place and is uniformly placed around the entire wall.

Brick veneer looks particularly smart used around a fireplace and has the illusion of being the chimney. This material also looks good as a closure around a wood burning stove. Another neat decorating trick is to use brick veneer along with some plaster to create the feeling of an old factory loft. A wine cellar or the new cool ‘man cave’ can also be decorated nicely with this material.

Of course the brick veneer is intended for people who want or need to save money.  If you want to beautify your home with REAL brick masonry, remember us: Js Custom Concrete and Masonry, Denver’s friendliest home beautification best-for-less contractor.

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