Decorative concrete vs Granite?

I have 2 contractors offering 2 different finishing for my floor…
Choice 1: Decorative concrete
Choice 2: Granite
Both prices are about the same….Pls give some advise.

6 Comments on “Decorative concrete vs Granite?

  1. If the prices are the same go with the granite definitely. It will last longer and you will enjoy it more.

  2. One of the bids is out of line. Granite should cost more as it involves cutting, shaping, and finishing stones, laying a base and fitting the stones. At its most complicated, concrete should involve pouring in tile molds which give an immediate smooth finish, then laying a base and setting with very little fitting. At its cheapest, concrete involves laying a slab and finishing it smooth.

  3. Always consider price, durability, maintenance.

    granite is more durable but is a bit pricier. Decorative concrete is also durable & almost always cheaper(than granite) so deco.concrete would be the practical choice.

  4. I will take it that this floor is in the living area of you home.

    Choice two should be choice 1.

  5. OK, my husband is a finish contractor. In the place where he works, they (not him!) installed the decorative concrete flooring through out their lobbies. The flooring is now Two 3 years old, and has cracked, and broken all over the place. Its very unattractive, the colors have faded, and costs tremendous amounts to constantly keep repairing it. The granite, I’m sure, will last longer and need less repair.

  6. I have decorative concrete overlay on my bathroom floor and walls, on my office and kitchen counters and love it. I put a no-slip finish on it by sprinkling sillica on the first sealer coat and then sealing it again. But you might want to explore what future folks might prefer and what might best maintain/increase the value of your dwelling.