Do you have to go to school to be a landscaper or landscape architect?

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@ Mathew, there are not any landscape or landscape architecture programs at any of the schools by me. But at the community college they’ve Historic Preservation and bookkeeping certificate programs….will those programs be good enough?
@ mrbruff I know those programs wont make me a Landscape architect. But will they help me to be a successful landscaper? I mean you dont have to have a degree to be a landscaper.

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  1. Yes and they’ve spicieal schools for it.

  2. To get paid well and advance in your career, yes. Most technical schools offer programs, or you could go for a four year degree in horticulture with an emphasis in landscaping. It just depends what is in your area and how much time/money you can spend. You can also start off with no degree but you will not be doing anything fun or getting paid well.

  3. A landscape architect has a professional master’s degree (5 years college minimum), 2 years of internship, and has sat for a professional exam and licensing process.

    A landscaper is a guy with a shovel.

    Landscape architects work more on designing things like drainage systems and parking lots than gardens. Anyone can call themselves a garden designer, and garden designers work on whatever they are good at, as long as building codes do not require professional licensing.

    Landscape architects make a lot of money, but they usually have lots of student loans by the time they can actually start working. A good businessman in the landscaping field can make an excellent living after being in business for only a few years.

  4. Sprinkle 12oz of coffee grounds per square yard of property. They won’t return until the following year!

  5. To be a Landscape Architect you must complete at the least a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. Then you must work in the field as an intern at an established firm. You must be licensed to work as a LA, because building codes require LA’s to know what they’re doing so that anything they build won’t fall and possibly kill someone.

    I was actually looking at Louisiana as a career, unfortunately I do not have the math aptitude for it.

    Edit: No those programs will not get you a Landscape Architecture license. Those are certificate programs. This is a list of the schools that offer Louisiana programs.

    Edit 2: Check into the Horticulture programs at your local community college. They should have certificates and possibly a degree program that can help get you a job.

  6. Landscape architects are licensed professionals with years of advanced education. If you want to be a landscaper, find your state or local Nursery and Landscape Association and go to a few meetings. They’ve jobs and offer scholarships for interested people.