Do you think if I go into landscape architect I would be a bad mom?

Do you think if I go into landscape architect I would be a bad mom?
I worked landscaping for a very little while to help my friend get his Business going.It turns out the company went out of Business I was soon out of the job.I realized how much fun I had.But I like designing more then doing.Since I cant find a job.I decided to go back to school.My friend said I would not be a very good mom if I went for this.Is that true?If so why?

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  1. Your friend should mind her own business and stop saying things that do not even make any sense.

  2. Your friend is full of it.

    A happy mom makes a happy child. Go for your dreams and your child will learn to do the same.

    All the best.

  3. I do not see how your mothering skills will be affected by going into this line of work. Your mothering skills will be what they are….no matter what line of work you are in. Do you think you’ll be a good mother (regardless of your job)?

  4. It will take time to go to school. If you are able to juggle your children’s education with yours, then that’s what you need to do. Tell your friend to respect you, not ridicule you. Congratulations for trying something new!
    Good luck two U!

  5. Well said, Leah….

    I do not see how you could be a bad mother for going back to school and getting a career to support your family…

    Sounds like a great ‘friend’ you have.

  6. How old is your child ?
    If He/She is very young- well , look after the baby for a while,the baby needs you.
    He did not ask you to be a mom, you chose to be.
    If he turned 2.5 years old, he is almost a child.
    He can go to kindergarten, and you- back to work.
    When a friend of mine decided to leave her job, and look after her children
    Her son in primary school had said
    ‘ Now, are you going to be 1 of those classical moms ?
    I do not want that! ‘

  7. It will make you a better mom. Showing your kids how to never give up and your never to old to go for something better. Good Luck.