do you think the law enforcement have got the right guy this time?

A Thirty Two year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of landscape architect Jo Yeates.

Miss Yeates, 25, went missing from her home in Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol, on seventeen Dec after a night out with work colleagues in the city.

BBC News comprehends a flat being searched by law enforcement is occupied by Dutch national Vincent Tabak.
ticks all the right boxes he is even bloody foreign.

12 Comments on “do you think the law enforcement have got the right guy this time?

  1. I wouldn’t like to speculate. I wonder if the tabloids are going to speculate this time? The foreign weirdo with no friends who preyed on lone women., perhaps?

  2. Im assuming the law enforcement have got DNA from the crime scene ?

    Murder is so hard to get away with these days, not like the good old days where you could rub someone out put them under the patio and be done with it.

  3. Dunno – but he did admit to liking pizza – so we’re closing in on the bleeder!

  4. More than likely it’s another stab in the dark !

  5. I bet they do not have a DNA match – I wonder if they’re just arresting all signal guys (confirmed bachelors or not) in the flats 1 at a time!

    I was surprised that they said a bag was missing from Jo’s flat… until then my money was on her never having made it home (that’s why the pizza wasn’t there) and the murderer had just come in and left her keys and stuff on the table to confuse things. If someone was killed in the flat the forensic guys would know… who knows if this guy is the one… the law enforcement arrested and held the landlord and then had to let him go… let’s see how they got on this time.

  6. There obviously wasn’t hardly any, if any evidence that it was the landlord, so if there does not need to be that much evidence to arrest someone then I wouldn’t assume they had it right this time. It has come just after the release of the video reconstruction of Jo making her way home, I think they’re just doing it to show that they are making progress. I’m not saying that it is an easy mystery to solve, it obviously isn’t, however, I do not think arresting people this easily, equally is helping them to solve the problem. I’m confused as to why they can’t just call them in for hard questioning as oppose to arresting them, surely they need to have a fairly good reason to arrest them but they did not seem to with the landlord that is why I am sceptical about this arrest. I think they should look closer to home, hopefully third time lucky.

  7. If this is not the right guy, it’ll be embarrassing to the law enforcement to get it wrong twice.

    I actually think they got it wrong once again…
    But I think the murderer is definitely:
    1) someone she had knowledge
    2) someone who had knowledge the area and most probably lived nearby
    3) educated/clever or at least forensically aware

    what has the bloody foreigner have anything to do with this?
    that’s a really stupid remark, trisha.
    Western European are much more civilised than you white british chavs, with no manners whatsoever.

    That last sentence was just to pick on you. how would you feel if someone said that about you?

  8. It’s hard to think that he ISNT the right guy:

    1)He had knowledge her.
    2)Lived next door.
    3)Aparently had knowledge she was home alone (landlord told him the boyfriend had gone away for the weekend.
    4)Did a runner and didnt come back for a long long time.