Does anyone know how to put the colour back into stamped concrete?

I have a drive which is stamped concrete and I have to say the builder that did it hasn`t done a very good job. It has been down for about 6/7 years now and we seal it every eighteen months to two years. This year after all the snow we have noticed that the colour is coming off. Does anyone know a product I can get to restore the colour and seal it….. thank you

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  1. concrete is porous so you can stain it whatever color you want however you’d have to strip off all the sealer that is on it so it doesn’t look speckled usually the color is all the way trough the concrete (mixed right in) so I do not know what happened that would be the contractors fault. speckling (aging) looks kinda cool and I guess i do not comprehend what the problem really is. but you can stain after you take off the sealant which was your question right?

  2. add a dye to the sealer
    concrete can,t be redyed, once its set,

  3. you can stain your concrete or acid etch, to add color or texture, back to concrete. both are fairly easy to apply and just require minimal equipment. acid etching is a more difficult and more labor intensive. it is very common for concrete color to fade, either with flashing technique or in the mix color. goodluck, hope this helps

  4. why not paint it over with quick drying custard and sprinkle cornflakes over the top…I can recommend a good painter….