How do I break up a concrete patio without damaging my foundation?

My concrete patio backs right up to my home’s foundation. If I rent a jackhammer to break up all the concrete, I’m concerned about when I get close to the foundation. Is there a better and safer way to break up concrete that is right up against the foundation?

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  1. Get a concrete saw and cut a groove up against the house. You can drill tons of holes and accomplish the same thing but it will not be as smooth a cut.

  2. It shouldn’t be joined to the foundation,there probably is an expansion joint there.Bust it up with the jack hammer until you get to about a foot from the foundation and then use a pry bar to get it away from the foundation a little.

  3. big fella is right. the only connection you might have are some one foot re bars that were hammer drilled into foundation. they can be cut off after breaking concrete off around them

  4. Typically patios of this type are installed well after the construction of the home . There just installed over the existing earth without even compacting the soil. Some are installed over four inches of crushed stone , but are never pinned or doweled to the existing foundation . ( holes drilled in foundation, 3/4 metal reinforcing bar pounded in, and allowed to hang out of the hole about a foot, into the brand new patio )
    You are removing the patio, ,, ,so , im sure as its cracked . This is a good indication it was a simple four ~6 inch pour of concrete over the existing earth .
    You will need to rent a jack hammer anyways , so start from the outside and work towards your foundation .
    once you get all the material out except for the last six inches of patio. you can under mine ( remove the dirt from underneath ) and then see if it snaps off ( hit down , with a small hand sledge )
    If you find re bar , ,, ,,,then carefully break off all of the cement and then use a reciprocating saw ( sawzall) with a good metal blade and trim off the bar neatly to the foundation .
    or at this point call in a wet saw man and have him trim it off for you .
    Take your time and enjoy the hard labor ~