How do I fix slippery stamped concrete that also gets very hot?

Our pool area has stamped concrete around it. We’ve tried adding grit to our sealer and have used a special sealer with grit in it, but it is still dreadfully slippery. It also gets so hot in the summer we can’t walk outside to the pool without shoes on. Can anyone suggest a product to apply or another creative solution to make our pool area more enjoyable?

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  1. use swimming slippers (the type used on the beach that you can swim in). Otherwise, there are rubber mats (home improvement stores carry them) that come in sections that interleave together (like a jigsaw puzzle). These come in pieces that can be laid to accommodate infinite concrete walk layouts. You can also lay a single sheet of rubber matting to the highest traffic areas.

  2. In CA and TX we had a similar problem and we found out that artificial grass or AstroTurf works well. You will not slip and you wont get burnt feet. You can buy this stuff cheep at a Menards,Home Depot or Lowes. Do not use rubber on account of the fact it will just get as hot as cement.

  3. Astroturf sounds like a good Idea but if you do not like it or think it looks tacky or something you can do this. instead get a chisel and notch out very little ridges in the cement you have to do this very carefully or you can chip the cement but that would solve your problem very cheaply free if you have your own chisel and hammer and feel like working out in the summer heat for a few hours just chip it out and that would solve your problem. But for this year at least I would go with the Astroturf just until it cools off then you can find a more permanent solution. (like chipping out a slip resistant grid or something.)

  4. well, sorry but I think the only way to solve your problem is to have it sandblasted.Or get a professional to etch the concrete. You wouldn’t want to try this yourself though. I’m Thinking(look out) how about some of that clear carpet runner? Get the good stuff, it has longer points on it and wouldn’t slip around. That would help with the heat. Or maybe think about building a deck of wood just around the perimeter of your pool? Both I’m sorry might be expensive.

  5. Safe steps, Sure grip are some of the clear solutions that you can apply on your existing floor to reduce the slip. Home depot or Lowes probley have something in the tile department . You can also recover your deck with a product @ www. which comes in an assortment of colors and finishes. They use to be known as cool decks because they had asbestos in them making it about fifteen degrees cooler, which they no langer can add it, but they tend to be a very little cooler than concrete since they trap water.