How do I install patio rail posts to concrete?

This is 99% what I am looking to do..

Everything is fine except Step two of the video. The patio in the video is a wooden deck so they just used a jigsaw to cut a hole for the 4X4 post. My patio is smaller but I would like to put 1 or 2 posts in between the columns/posts that are already in place holding up the patio roof. However, it is on concrete slab. How would I attach the railing post to the concrete?

I basically want to do everything the video says to do and also am going for that simple white railing/fence look. Only difference is the concrete vs wooden floor so the anchors will be different.

A few options I can think of.. 1) use a drill with a concrete bit to drill a hole about 3 deep or however deep a rebar type of anchor is. I dont know the names but I just figure there must be some kind of metal anchor made for concrete. drill into the bottom of the 4X4 (or whatever post). Put the metal anchor/rebar into the 4×4 and also into the hole in the concrete. use concrete to seal it.
2) Use a metal simpson (is that what it’s called?) bracket where you align the bracket and drill a hole for the screws into the concrete. Then attach the post to the bracket. Downside is that you have a bracket that is visible but if it’s painted, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Is there a better way to do this? What about an easier way? I’m doing a lot of small improvements to the house here and there and this is something I always wanted to do. I am really looking to spend no more than $50 for the lumber as i have most tools. I also have paint too and it will just be white.

What additional tools, brackets, materials do I need?

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  1. You can put a bottom rail ( 2×4) in between the existing ones then attache the brand new posts. If you do not like the way that looks you can go to home depot and get brackets you attache to cement the screw the posts to that

  2. you need to purchase 2 rails that span the distance between the 2 existing posts just like the video shows. to add support to these rails you simply cut blocks from four x 4’s that support the lower rail from sagging and screw them to the underside on the lower rail. if you are installing open railing add another four x four between the upper and lower rails to prevent the upper rail from sagging.

    You can email me from my profile page (click on my photo here) if you need me to diagram this for you.

  3. You need to use a post anchor. Choose 1 that provides enough support for your needs. Good luck with your diy projects!