How do I paint a decorative interior concrete floor?

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  1. you could follow the steps for your avorite faux finish , using paint and glaze. Then seal it with polyurethane for floors. Many coats.

  2. with porch and floor paint. ask at the hardware store for the proper paint and prep tips.

  3. Make sure you clean the concrete first. You can get an acid wash that etches the surface so that a primer/bonding agent will adhear correctly. If you do not do this the paint will flake off. As far as the finish it just depends on what you want. Staining is a great alternitive to paint. Spraying gives a different look then rolling or brushing. Concrete paint needs to breathe so that any moisture that comes up through the concrete can escape. Take a look at some web sites, the pictures alone might give you some good ideas.

    This web site has great info and how to. Also click on their ‘Interior Concrete Floors’.

    here is another: