How do you make moss grow on your concrete out in the patio?

I saw this really nice piece of concrete at my school where its solitary and there was this gorgeous bed of thin moss on the concrete. I want to make mine look like that

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  1. brush on a mix of 50% milk and water brush on as required

  2. If your concrete is in shade and has easy access to moisture, here is a recipe that should work. Gather some of that moss from the school, put it in an old blender with a very little bit of milk. Pour the mixture on your concrete. If the weather is dry, mist it daily for the first couple of weeks. It’ll take 2 or 3 seasons to really develop, but some of the moss will take and it will be beautiful. Good luck!

  3. Not sure if you are seeing a true moss or possibly a lichen (a fungal/algae symbiotic relationship), but collecting a sample is your best bet. Try to reproduce the environmental conditions you found this plant. Moss or lichen, they reproduce with spores and will spread. Spread very slowly though. If I could see a photo of this moss, I might be able to identify it but then I imagine it is the aesthetics of it that appeals to you. Do not worry about damaging what you saw at school. There are no root systems to worry about. I have done this a couple of times. Even with some common lichens and mosses found in the woods here in FL and at my tree nursery.

  4. It can be done . How I kd not know.
    But you can get moss that smells like mint, or chocolate all kinds of things.
    Maybe it would be a good idea to ask the groundskeeper how it is done.

  5. If you pour old sour milk on the concrete moss will grow. Just give it time. A few weeks you will start to see it.

  6. Moss grows in the shade much better than in the sun. You could try spreading a thin layer of dirt over the concrete. Then scrape from a moss-covered area where it’s not wanted–like your neighbors or ask the school groundskeeper for some. Moss is a spore & many people want to get rid of it- there are just as many who want it, so there are places that actually sell it. You can order it from this site, or google where to buy moss & you’ll have a whole list of choices.