How much does it cost to hire a landscape architect?

And do they do the actual work — like removing concrete, installing fences and sprinkler systems — or do they just come up with a plan?

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  1. The cost depends on the size of the area (lot) you want landscaped and the kinds of landscape you want. Expect a Licensed Landscape Architect to charge you a couple of thousand. That would include – plans – materials – labor. Find a local agriculture college and ask instructor for a recommendation to a student for a project and grade.

  2. Hello it all depends in the arrangement, Here in Mexico I usually after the design, I include a quote for the whole construction including plants, garden, and plumbing and all other accents for the project I have my preferred contractor to do it and under good supervisor results are always better.

    Also take of city permits when required.

    But any good contractor can follow a plan well elaborated.

    : )

  3. It really depends on the company,some company’s do everything in house themselves.Some hire out some of the work to contractors and pass the bill on to the customers.Mom and pop company’s will give you a better deal.They will compete for you business.Before picking a Architect look at previous jobs they preformed on.Also look at how the projects look both residential and commercial.

  4. I’ve known architects to charge tens of thousands of dollars without actually doing anything beyond giving you a plan. If you want that kind of work done look for a landscape designer. The difference may seem subtle but since they don’ have to have board certification or knowledge of the engineering aspect of it they’ll charge ALOT less. Alot of better landscape companies will have a designer on staff whose design and consultation services are free. They will only charge when actual work gets done on your property