Is an architect the same as a landscape architect?

I was wondering because i looked up a school and it had 2 different things. when i looked online i cant find anything

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  1. Nope, these are two different proffessions.Shortly speaking, landscape architect focuses on landscape, just architect is focused on buildings.

  2. Landscape architects take all the same courses as ‘regular’ architects. But they take additional courses in landscape design, botany and horticulture. It is their job to take care of the exteriors of buildings designed by ‘regular’ architects. Landscape architects also do plant-scapes INSIDE buildings-for instance large lobbies of buildings where there are plantings.

  3. No a landscape architect deals with the built environment eg. plazas, public open spaces, car parks, footpaths, water features etc. an architect designs buildings and extensions, additions to etc. A planning app may require the employment of both an architect and a landscape architect

  4. An architect designs buildings. A landscape architect designs landscapes which may have building elements (like fountains, pergolas, sheds, etc.) but the emphasis is on the plants.