Is it possible to stamp a preexisting concrete patio to look like flagstone?

I know that they can stamp concrete to look like flagstone. What Im not sure of is if there is a way to, maybe add a thing layer of brand new concrete over the old concrete patio and stamp THAT. cause I want to expand a concrete patio with stamped concrete, but I want the old part to be stamped so the whole thing matches. Is this possible? and about how much would stamping the old part cost if it is possible?

4 Comments on “Is it possible to stamp a preexisting concrete patio to look like flagstone?

  1. You can’t stamp into the old concrete, but adding colored concrete designs over the current concrete is a solution.

    You’d also have them expand your current area by pouring concrete and adding the colored concrete on that – then it would all match.

  2. I do not know about cost, but you can have it scored and stained. It is very attractive.

  3. no, the only way would be to carve a design into it using a circular saw, otherwise add an inch or 2 of concrete to the exisiting and try with a print.

  4. Yes, there are many ways to spruce up existing concrete. You could pour an addition right next to the existing pad and, after that 1 dries completely, cover both with an overlay product and stamp that. Sawing into the concrete to add lines and staining each stone would be a cheaper alternative. Pouring a thin concrete slab and stamping that would most likely raise your patio around two inches. These techniques are best done by a concrete professional and the prices per square foot vary quite a bit by region.