Is rebar needed in concrete for patio?

Rebar is in the plans for footings only. Is the rebar needed in the footings or can I have the plans changed with rebar removed?

5 Comments on “Is rebar needed in concrete for patio?

  1. Depends on the load. If just a simple patio, the answer is no.

  2. That’s not advisable the reason behind the rebar is to allow you pour the concrete at a shallower depth if you remove it you ‘ll have to pour the footer deeper and thereby end up costing you more ok.

  3. It depends on what part of the country your in, what type of soil you are dealing with, and the expected loading of the patio. Generally you don’t need rebar in the patio slab itself, but you could’ve some bending moments in the footers that would put them into tension, which is where concrete is weakest. I would leave them in as it is probably a minimal amount of rebar.

  4. Best helps stop cracking , and adds structural integrity, failing that paving stone is always a better choice, less cracking and easier to repair

  5. there is a reason for the rebar. Reinforcement. Now if you like cracked concrete or shifting, raising and heaving in your patio then go without rebar. Remember you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. Over thirty years of concrete flat work experience