Patio options – pavers or stamped concrete?

Im considering putting in a small patio behind my home.

What are the pros and cons of pavers and stamped concrete?
which costs more?
which lasts longer?

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  1. I would go with stamped concrete, since I have tried both. Pavers cost more and also have a tendency to shift. Stamped concrete can also be stained to any color you wish and in any pattern you wish. Also less likely to shift or crack if it is done correctly.

  2. If you have someone do it for you, pavers will cost about 50% more. If you’re handy and willing to work, you can put in pavers yourself. Then there is no real difference in cost. I wouldn’t attempt a stamped concrete job.

    Concrete cracks and no matter what anyone tells you, it will never look as good as pavers.

  3. The thing I do not like about the stamped concrete I have seen is it is very slippery when wet, about fell on my butt at neighbors house a few weeks ago.

  4. Stamped concrete will definitely be cheaper. You do have a slight risk of it cracking over time, but not anytime soon. The concrete will last a long time though. There’s lot’s of design/color options too.

    Pavers will be more expensive, but will look a very little nicer (significantly more expensive, and only a very little bit nicer, in my opinion). With pavers, you run the risk of weeds sprouting up in between, but that can be fixed w/ Roundup. The pavers themselves will last a very long time, but they could spread/shift, further exacerbating the weed problem I mentioned, among other things.

  5. PAVERS. The are a bit more expensive but in the long run they’re cheaper. They require less maintenance over the years. Stamped concrete is a cheaper alternative and is made to look like pavers. Why not get the real thing? Pros of concrete: cheaper, that’s it. Cons of stamped concrete: it’s still concrete and will crack over time, cuts need to be made into it to dictate where it will crack which cuts up the pattern even more, over time you will need to seal it repeatedly or it will spald and can even fade, if it settles after cracking repairing is EXPENSIVE, and it is very slippery because it needs to be sealed.
    Pros of pavers: can be sealed but not necessary, more options as far as textures,sizes, colors, patterns, any settling can be easily fixed with sand, better drainage, has a timeless look and better return on investment, polymeric sand can be swept in and no weeds will grow in cracks, longer product warranty, no need for unsightly cuts as in concrete, and easier to expand on if more area is desired. Cons…ummm…pricier initially but after a few years is a smarter choice, and…that’s all I can think of for cons.

    As far as which product lasts longer, pavers. Take a look at ten year old stamped concrete and ten year old pavers and you will see a major difference. Pavers are made of concrete but are molded under such extreme pressure they’re thirty times denser than ordinary patio concrete.