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Concrete Driveway Revolution

If you think of a Denver concrete driveway, you may think of a dark black or gray surface that is often cracked, seamed and unappealing. Today, there are several variations in Denver concrete driveways that add new dimensions to the look. With everything from replicating paver bricks and flagstone to stamped designs that create a one of a kind look — there is a design option for even the most discriminating Denver homeowner.

Stamped Stained Concrete Denver Driveway


In today’s Denver real estate market, implementing elements to improve the curb appeal of a Denver home is essential for the homeowner. Adding a personal stamp of style and flair help set a home apart from others in the neighborhood—especially if the homes are all similar. Adding color to a Denver concrete driveway is a great way to add personality and draw the eye in.

A Js Denver concrete professional comes to the home and analyzes the best look for the homeowner. Once the driveway is ready to be poured, a color mixture is implemented into the concrete. It can often be colored to replicate stone in a gray or light brown color, brick in a burnt orange or dark brown color or field stone in a light tan color.


Stamped Colored Concrete DrivewayThe designs for a Denver concrete driveway are endless. Finding a Denver contractor who also has artistic skill as well as a generous portfolio is a must before diving into a project. Acid etching can provide intricate designs and lettering in areas where the concrete needs to be personalized. Stamping is the most popular choice among designs. After the concrete is poured, a stamp is placed into the mixture, and then separated and divided. Some common designs are rock salt paver brick replicates, grooved designs, field stones, brick, swirls, circles and squares. Stenciling and stamping leave interesting design effects. Custom made logos and initials can be centered in a concrete driveway to create a strong focal point.


Custom-made paver brick, stone and carved rock can be expensive to implement into a driveway. For those on a budget or would rather put their money into other home beauty projects, replicated designs are the way to go, especially when it comes to Denver driveways.

The beauty of concrete is that it is inexpensive and versatile to bring into an outdoor design. Replicated hexagonal pavers made from concrete are a great design element that is perfect for a pristine Denver home. Color tint can be added to have the color match the exterior color of the home. Faux stone driveways molded from concrete are reminiscent of an old world style and perfect for a colonial or Tuscan-inspired property.

Denver Stamped Stained Concrete DrivewayExposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a popular Denver driveway option for many Denver homeowners. The method of obtaining this look can be achieved by a contractor who is experienced in this type of design. With this process, the concrete is poured into the driveway. After the concrete has set, the surface is buffed and polished to reveal the small specks of colorful rocks and designs underneath. The result is a sleek, glossy look that almost appears marble-like. Many newer construction Denver homes as well as showcase homes love this look, because it adds style and substance to the home.


For a standard concrete Denver driveway, the price is fairly economical. Exposed aggregate is typically the cheapest method of decorative concrete driveway design and provides an affordable alternative to stone, brick and asphalt. Rest assured that Js Custom Concrete Driveways can design a smashing knockout Denver driveway to meet YOUR budget!

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