The stimulus went to what!?

These people have no clue…unless all they wanted to do was spend money and reward their friends. How does any of this tie in with stimulating the economy? Everyone knows that heavy infrastructure work and legitimate brand new construction projects help the most…hell, even temporally stopping collecting taxes for the feds for a quarter would’ve been more productive than this crap.

The $787 billion stimulus bill was passed in Feb and was promised as a job saver and economy booster. Here’s where some of the money went:

– $300,000 for a GPS-equipped helicopter to hunt for radioactive rabbit droppings at the Hanford nuclear reservation in WA state.

– $30 million for a spring training baseball complex for the AZ Diamondbacks and CO Rockies.

– $11 million for Microsoft to build a bridge connecting its 2 headquarter campuses in Redmond, Wash., which are separated by a highway.

– $430,000 to repair a bridge in IA County, Wis., that carries ten or fewer cars per day.

– $800,000 for the John Murtha Airport in Johnstown, Pa., serving about twenty passengers per day, to build a backup runway.

– $219,000 for Syracuse University to study the sex lives of freshmen women.

– $2.3 million for the United States Forest Service to rear large numbers of arthropods, including the Asian longhorned beetle, the nun moth and the woolly adelgid.

– $3.4 million for a Thirteen foot tunnel for turtles and other wildlife attempting to cross United States twenty seven in Lake Jackson, Florida

– $1.15 million to install a guardrail for a persistently dry lake bed in Guymon, Okla.

– $9.38 million to renovate a century-old train depot in Lancaster County, Pa., that has not been used for 3 decades.

– $2.5 million in stimulus checks sent to the deceased.

– $6 million for a snow-making facility in Duluth, Minn.

– $173,834 to weatherize 8 pickup trucks in Madison County, Ill.

– $20,000 for a fish sperm freezer at the Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery in SD .

– $380,000 to spay and neuter pets in Wichita, Kan.

– $300 apiece for thousands of signs at road construction sites across the country announcing that the projects are funded by stimulus money.

– $1.5 million for a fence to block would-be jumpers from leaping off the All-American Bridge in Akron, OH .

– $1 million to study the health effects of environmentally friendly public housing on 300 people in Chicago.

– $356,000 for IN University to study childhood comprehension of foreign accents compared with native speech.

– $983,952 for street beautification in Ann Arbor, Mich., including decorative lighting, trees, benches and bike paths.

– $148,438 for WA State University to analyze the use of pot in conjunction with medications like morphine.

– $462,000 to purchase twenty two concrete toilets for use in the Mark Twain National Forest in MO

– $3.1 million to transform a canal barge into a floating museum that will travel the Erie Canal in NY state.

– $1.3 million on government arts jobs in ME , including $30,000 for basket makers, $20,000 for storytelling and $12,500 for a music festival.

– $71,000 for a hybrid car to be used by student drivers in Colchester, Vt., as well as a plug-in hybrid for town workers decked out with a sign touting the vehicle’s energy efficiency.

– $1 million for Portland, Ore., to replace one hundred aging bike lockers and build a garage that would house 250 bicycles.

10 Comments on “The stimulus went to what!?

  1. It went to making the government bigger and to special interest like paying off Obama’nation’s political donors. This is the great success of his stimulus plan, it did what they wanted it to do, not what they claimed (lied) it would do.

  2. This is why the GOPs were so opposed to the stimulus. Only a fraction of it went toward real job creation. Now they want a second stimulus specifically for job creation because they screwed up the first 1 so bad.
    The dems have too much power and that’s why they’re going to start losing a lot of elections.

  3. another example of why we need term limits so very badly…….they’re so generous with our money. Im sick of my tax money being used to keep them in office by bribing their constituents and districts with pork projects! They ALL must go!

  4. Amazing and not a 1 real job was created in the private sector, only pet projects with temp jobs. Now, they’re talking about another stimulus per Buffet. three years of this crapeola to go, unless we clean house in 2010, and oust him outa there!

  5. no that’s all fine, it increases the aggregate demand
    Its seems you did not do high school economics, all of these examples are labor and American product intensive, exactly what we need

  6. Ha, I saw 1 of those paid for by recovery act road construction signs today. Great to know it cost $300.


  7. The pockets of the rich and the politicians who orchestrated it.