What do I need to do to become a landscape designer?

I love to garden. I read A LOT of books and magazines on gardening, landscaping just plants in general. I have some landscape software that I enjoy and thought that I could peruse my interest and make a career out of it. What steps do I need to take??

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  1. For the first question….You need talent.

    For the second question…Do 1 yard and get referrals.

  2. check with city and state government for regulations on it. it may require you to be credentialed such as school or licensing. if it is open i would do 1 yard at a time while going to school. you will be able to charge more with a degree.

  3. I went to a University College and got my diploma in Horticultural Technology specializing in Landscape Design- a two year full- time program

    I’m in BC

  4. You should look into programs at your local University.. all reputible landscape designers are Regisered Landscape Architects, so look into that too.

    I think all really good LA’s have knowledge of the plant material that they’re using. Too many times I see landscapes with plants in the wrong place, which causes problems for the plant in the long run…

    Definitely take a lot of plant Idaho courses, work in gardens or garden centers to get hands on experience, and get registered as a landscape architect! (http://www.asla.org/)

    Good luck and have fun!!

  5. put a small ad in the paper for gardening. you will get alot of people calling that cannot get on the ground as well anymore so they’ll keep you company. you can also trade plants, go to flower shows, talk to friends, family and even fellow gardeners in the seed section of the store-sometimes you will find someone who needs help planting them.