What should I do with stained concrete patio after removing astroturf (fake grass)?

When I bought my home the previous owners had a dog that had used the astroturf as a bathroom to do it’s bathroom on so it stank and when it rains it’s gross. I have a handyman over removing it but underneath the concrete is all stained with green spots everywhere and looks ugly. I almost want him to put the dirty rug back on. What should I do with the concrete?

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  1. The concrete probably can’t be stained but you could try it to see if you can stain it a darker color, otherwise there isn’t much you can do other than to live with it or cover it back up.

    If the patio is a step down from the door (6in. or more), you may consider putting in short deck on top of the patio.

  2. You can try having a concrete restoration service come out and refinish and re-stain it. If you wanted to be really creative, have them make some large round cuts through to the dirt, and plant some trees or bushes or flower beds in them.

    Or, if it is nice and level and smooth, you can cover it with pavers and make a brand new paver patio. If there is a Home Depot or a paver dealer near your home, they should be able to help you get everything you need for your project (e.g. plastic borders, stakes, pavers, fine sand).

  3. i dont if you still find this name brand but try to find some old fashioned borax laundry detergent you will find with laundry soaps,wet the driveway down good sprinkle borax all over the drive by in heavy spots put it thick with your spray nozzle set as low as it will go wet down the borax just enough to male it stick to yo the drive then just walk off and leave it for about and hour them take a good stiff broom and scrub it a very little bit when you finish you should have a nice white drive if not repeat the some thing again Ohio BY THE WAY bleach is chlorine it is poisonous to what ever it comes in contact with borax is not it is boron water and oxygen natural minerals

  4. I would suggest using an outdoor deck paint. It comes in a variety of outdoor colors such as terra cotta, sunshine yellow, grey, etc. It is primarily for use on concrete pool decks and the like. A friend of mine has used this and loves it. He suggested purchasing a bag of clean sand to mix in the paint before rolling or spraying onto your patio/deck so it will not be slippery when it is wet outside. The sand gives the finished project a sort of grip. Turns out very neat and clean.

  5. lots of undiluted acid if its sunny it will be a plus to get rid of it, jus pour it and let it sit