Where can I learn how to lay concrete for a patio?

I do not want to read about it on the web, I want to go to school and learn concrete, hands on.
WTF, I was thinking about doing that but did not know contractors would do it. Thanx! Are you a contractor?

4 Comments on “Where can I learn how to lay concrete for a patio?

  1. You should be able to see where on the web. Or try your local community college.

  2. The best schooling you could get to learn how to work with concrete is to read up on it a bit to get a basic idea of how it’s done, and then contact a local contractor and learn hands on. Offer free labor if all you want is an education. If you go to a trade school, you will end up spending a lot of money learning the basics of a trade, and you still will not have all the knowledge needed to pour and float your own patio. If you go to a contractor, you will learn specifically how to pour and float a patio instead of learning just enough to get yourself into trouble. Besides, no 1 is going to teach you better than a person who’s out there doing it every day of their life.

  3. see if there is a tech school in your area.its not hard to learn but it is good work.