Where's the best place to put a decorative concrete pig?

26 Comments on “Where's the best place to put a decorative concrete pig?

  1. In the toilet beside the picture of The Cheeky Girls.

  2. Put it in the back of the house where no 1 can see it.

  3. I have mine outside. Just in front of the rockery, in the middle of my winter heather garden.
    These pigs need very careful placement. What may be right for mine may be very wrong for yours.
    You will know where it is happy.

  4. My granny would have put hers in her bed in the winter time to warm the bed up!!

  5. In the centre of the City of Bath with the rest of Bladud’s pigs…and how they found the healing powers of the local spring waters…and the water is hot…BONUS!!…clever concrete piggies!! ;0)

  6. Hi Fr, i have 2 pot pigs both are sat in my garden under a bush…

  7. next to your decorative concrete ducks, cats, bunnies and frogs out by the pond so he will feel like he’s in a farm

  8. How about in the middle of your island – I hear that Milton keynes have concrete cows on theirs
    make a statement ‘not bovine – we do swine’

  9. in the middle of a flower bed, half hidden, or peeping round the corner of your house….or in the letter box to scare the postman (truth is, i do not know…)

  10. screw brackets to the front elevation and hang it there or fix ties to the ceiling and hang from the ceiling depending on the weight . the garden is probably best bet though , it might be an idea to buy a sort of dog kennel and just have the head sticking out , look good in its own very little sty , comfortable ( pig in s*&t scene )

  11. In your front yard — making strange visitors think twice about intruding.

  12. I’m not Catholic but I still will not tell you where to place your decorative concrete pig – it just wouldn’t be right to tell you

  13. You do not really want me to tell you, do you?
    My decorative pig is hanging by the neck from a rope in the guest room.

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