Which is better stamped concrete vs stone patio?

I’m thinking of hiring someone to put in a patio. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a patio that is either a stamped concrete or a natural stone (maybe flagstone) set in concrete? Are some stones better than others? I live in a very hot climate if that makes any difference?

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  1. Concrete is the most durable and much cheaper compared to natural stone. It can be stained to give it a classier more finished look. It can also be cut out to look like brick, or anything else and then stained. Concrete is a very flexible material as far as what can be done with it. Natural stone is very pretty, but much more expensive and harder to maintain. It is more brittle compared to concrete, and after a time some of the stones may crack or break….

  2. When you say stamped concrete I am assuming you mean crushed. Perhaps the terms vary from area to area. If I was you, I would choose the stamped (crushed) concrete over the stone. The concrete is pressed down and creates a firm and durable patio. Whereas the stone can break and shift apart.

    I know several people who installed the crushed concrete for driveway use, and it is soooo much better than anything else.

  3. as a contractor who specializes in stamped concrete i have to vote for concrete. a good contractor can actually acheive a very authentic look. concretenetwork.com is a good website for finding contractors and getting ideas. good luck.

  4. Those are some crazy answers so far. Having worked in the concrete business for a long time, I would strongly suggest concrete if you want your money to go its furthest. Stamped concrete really keeps its form much better. If you use flagstone or brick pavers – they’ll certainly move after about a year, heaving or shifting. They look great, but it’s much more difficult to keep up a patio with lots of different pieces. Be sure to use a good sealer on either patio to keep water penetration to a minimum. Oh, and do not skimp on the contractor – be sure to see some examples of patios they have done in the past and see if they are holding up. Do not just look at patios they did earlier this season. Good luck!