would diluted dog urine kill my grass?

I have a neighbor that sprays down there back concrete patio, they’ve one dog and it pees on the concrete, so about Two 3 times a week they spray it down with a hose and all the run off is coming into my yard. My yard is dirt right now and I am putting sod down in a month. Will the repeated spraying off of the patio with diluted dog urine kill my grass. Or will it be diluted enough to not bother it. Or will the buildup over time of diluted urine end up killing it.

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  1. My dog has always piddled in my grass. I’ve never had a problem with the grass dying. I’m surprised that some people do. Maybe their grass is more delicate than my good old bermuda grass. ( I think Napalm is the only thing that will kill bermuda grass, But only temporarily.:0

  2. if the run-off continually comes into your yard at the same place, that could get to be a problem…. diluted, it’s just fertilzer…. but over and over again, it’s too much….. either put up a diverting something, like a berm or a drain or a gravel pit in that area to keep it out of your brand new sod….. and for after, too…..

  3. while it is true that dog urine actually kills the grass, there are some types of grass for your lawn that is resistant to dog urine. in your case, i think the dog urine is diluted enough and it will not kill your grass. do not worry about your beautiful lawn. just plant other plants that are almost capable of withstanding dog urine. well, just in case there are some dogs who might pee in your wonderful landscape.

  4. It is the nitrogen in the urine that kills grass. Nitrogen is used in grass fertilizers but when it becomes too concentrated it will burn and kill grass. Some say it is the acidity of the urine that is harmful to grass others say it is the salts from the urine. Tests show the level of acidity (Ph between Five 6 normally) and salts are not not the problem. To much nitrogen is. One solution is to dilute the urine with water so the nitrogen content is reduced. If you get the nitrogen content reduced it acts as a fertilizer. If you look at most urine spots in lawns you see the lifeless area in the middle and the greener lusher taller area around the outside edge of the lifeless spot and outside that greener taller green is the normal grass. Another solution is to change the diet of the animal. If you lower the protein content of the animals diet the nitrogen will be reduced also. I never recommend messing the animals diet for health reasons. Another solution is to apply a product that has naturally occurring microbes. (Grass Revitalize from removeurine.com). These microbes will get into the soil at the roots and break down the nitrogen as it is deposited protecting the lawn. Microbes have many benefits to lawns and plants and are used to guard against nitrogen concentration (dog urine). Female dogs are usually worse on lawns because the deposit all their urine in 1 spot while male dogs spray smaller amounts of urine in many spots.

  5. If it’s even half diluted, it’s most likely harmless. Unless you are dumping industrial sized barrels on your lawn you should be fine.

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