As a landscape contractor, I think AZ is suffering from a mental disorder. And you?

Without Mexicans I would be out of business.
I can’t find any American people willing to cut grass or trim hedges in the hot sun alongside me.
They can’t keep up.

And of the few spoiled brats I do hire, I have to pay a Mexican to keep an eye on them so they’ll not goof off.

I think it has something to do with the work ethic in Mexico. Those guys are used to working hard and doing a good job for a decent day’s pay. They’re proud people and pride themselves on their hard work.

Too bad more American people aren’t like them.

14 Comments on “As a landscape contractor, I think AZ is suffering from a mental disorder. And you?

  1. Yea, people do not comprehend how very badly we need immigrants. Illegal or legal. Natural citizens do not reproduce enough to supply enough labor to support our country.

  2. This is exactly the point of why we need amnesty now. The right wing wants to try and score cheap political points with their base by opposing a humanitarian, and economic approach to a solution to illegal immigration.

  3. It sounds like you should move to Mexico. You would be happier with your neighbors.

  4. Its all politics as usual politicians in Arizona do not realize most American people are lazy and will not work in an open field

  5. Do not expect anyone to read this logically. I’ve heard the same thing from loads of people. Mexicans twice as hard working jobs where lazy american teenagers would show up late, goof off, and demand twice the pay

  6. I agree….As long as they’ve papers to be able to work here….Just for the heck of it ..Do you pay them a living wage ?

  7. You obviously do not live in a border State. LEGAL mexicans are prevalent here in TX and you can hire them on at a reasonable rate…. I employ four of them….. your agenda here’s crap!

    ADDED: Racer X, my guys make $8-$10 an hour plus all bills paid (rent, utilities, transportation, etc). You do not know what the hell you’re talking about. One guy has been with me for eleven years. Quit believing in all the generalizations that come out from the media. You are misinformed!!

  8. It’s the responsibility of employers like you, which I doubt, to make sure they are not using illegals. But nobody is addressing that issue.

  9. Fair enough, but what’s really too bad is that AMericans do not pay them a living wage, so they can never climb the ladder of opportunity they came here for. I’m talking about legal immigrants. Meanwhile lazy rednecks sit around in their trailer criticizing Mexicans.

    But hey, why not seize a unique business opportunity. Have your workers contract to build a border fence for the rednecks, then cross to the other side and have them build a tunnel underneath it!!

  10. In AZ the question is not whether immigration is good or bad, but rather whether and how existing immigration laws should be enforced.

    I comprehend that liberals like to intentionally confuse these 2 separate issues – immigration policy and immigration enforcement, your question demonstrates why. If you think that USA need to import low wage landscaper slaves from Mexico, please argue that immigration laws should make such provisions. However I warn you that American people took a very grim viewpoint on imports of slaves, even long before we abolished slavery.

  11. The Mexicans you hire for minimum wage are terrified that if they make trouble by demanding a decent wage and better working conditions you will report them to ICE! American people will not work for that wage and no 1 should have to. As for your sad story, boo hoo.