Help with Flagstone Patio?

I want to put down a 500 square foot patio behind my house. I just dug down about eight inches from the base of the house and have it somewhat level. I was planning on putting down four inches of concrete then the flagstone on top. My backyard is pretty sandy dirt, and I have very moderate weather-never snows.

My questions are:
1. Is the four inches of concrete below the flagstone overkill?
2. Should I put sometype of base down on the sand-like some type of road base or grit?
3. Can I just use the premix cement to lay each piece of stone on top?


4 Comments on “Help with Flagstone Patio?

  1. I am not an expert so get 2nd opinion but.Yes I think the 4in concrete is overkill.Make sure you start three or four inches below the damp course or air brick and and maybe 6inch out from your brickwork/house.This is to avoid damp way of drainage.also make sure you have a slight fall away from the house as you lay the slabs for the same reason.As I say no expert but I would put down a few inches of hard core first pack it down then sharp sand ditto position slabs by a blob in centre of each to position them.So yes to Q number 3.Easy to reposition and check level this way.You can then sort of grout them in between with cement or concrete if you want.personally I would infill with sand or maybe gravel for soak away again.Also having a random pattern of slabs and leaving the odd 1 out is nice cos you can plant in gaps or use gravel. for texture.makes it more interesting than a sea of slabs…maybe you intended this anyway..good luck!

  2. Try looking up lots of info on there.

  3. We use a very ground up form of gravel. It is almost like the roughest sand at a beach. Spread it around a couple inches deep. pack it in good with a tamper. Get the slope you wish. I’d put down some weed fabric maybe or spray it a few times a year. lay the stone on top as you wish. dump more of the fine gravel on top and sweep it in cracks to fill them up. weeds do not grow in rock much. keep other dirt off of it as much as possible. Gently tamp in the stone. wash it off ready to go. Do not tip the rocks too much to 1 side or a gully may appear in hard rains.