Can limestone flagstones increase soil pH in a garden?

Thinking about using scrap pieces of limestone to build a walkway in our garden but have been warned that rain will dissolve the limestone over time causing lime to leach into the soil and the soil pH to become too high. Wondering if anyone has see…

How do I restore my flagstone flooring?

I have just moved into a 1852 built Victorian house. We have just discovered that in the kitchen and the small hallway that it has original flagstone flooring. Someone in the past has (stupidly) limmered (if that’s the word) over it. It’s like black …

Atheists, what’s the harm in believing in Thor? Surely walking the flagstones of Valhalla would be nice?

Atheists, what's the harm in believing in Thor? Surely walking the flagstones of Valhalla would be nice?

Can I use flagstone to wear down bearded dragon nails?

What is the best way to weed between flagstones?

I’m brand new to owning my own home and I do not know much about gardening.
What I would like to do is have really perfect crisp/groomed landscaping.
I have pulled up all large weeds. This leaves me with tiny hard to pull weeds in between right are…

How many half flagstones are there from here to The Circus Maximus?

Writers/Readers: Would you read the rest based on this opening?

The half-empty house was called Elm Cottage. There was not an Elm tree in sight. Two old, gnarled and twisted oak trees stood on either side of the flag stone path leading from the sea green kissing gate towards the duck egg blue front door. Frost fo…

How can I get rid of Moss from Flagstones, I used the Hoe but it returns.?

How do you think my story is so far?

Any constructive criticism would be great!

“Hester. My name is Hester.” I answered the very little questioning boy who had ran up to me. He smiled and then returned to his mother, who was probably asking him why he had talked to me. I stretched…