How can I get rid of Moss from Flagstones, I used the Hoe but it returns.?

7 Comments on “How can I get rid of Moss from Flagstones, I used the Hoe but it returns.?

  1. moss is plant life, you might bleach the stones
    ammonia should be good, and also white vinegar

  2. It’s worse this time of the year because it is damp. You have several options. You could use a high pressure water hose. You could use ammonia, bleach or Jeyes Fluid. Otherwise a bought preparatory moss killer should do the trick.

  3. The simplest and safest way to clean paving is to scrub it with soapy water. Some people will swear that hot soapy water is more effective than cold, but in reality, ANY soapy water will do. Use wash-up liquid or an acid-free soap-based floor cleaning product.Check out the link below for more info ok,good luck.

  4. soda crystals, Was told this by a Friend gave it a try, results were first class, all you do is sprinkle the dry crystals on the moss and wait, that’s all there is to it, safe, simple.

  5. when you have moss on flagstone there is only 1 reason ..damp atmosphere ..lots of trees around ..enclosed area ..not much wind ..unless you can change the enviroment then it will allways come back …carry on hoeing

  6. Hi

    I have the same problem and after hoeing the moss I would use a weak bleach solution to wash the paving which seems to work for a few weeks.

    Although will try the soda crystal method sounds good

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