What is the best way to weed between flagstones?

I’m brand new to owning my own home and I do not know much about gardening.
What I would like to do is have really perfect crisp/groomed landscaping.
I have pulled up all large weeds. This leaves me with tiny hard to pull weeds in between right areas including a flagstone walkway, also close to flower box borders.

How do I get rid of these very little weeds? They’re small and hard to get a good grip to get them out by the root.

What is the method and materials? Thank you!
Typo: in between *tight areas

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  1. Step 1:Remove the stone.
    Step 2:Pull the weeds.
    Step 3:Put the stone back in its place.

  2. Get 1 of spray weed killers (try the ones that are Oklahoma for using in grass as they are less likely to cause problems for any nearby plants).

  3. Spray them with vinegar. In a few days the weeds will be gone, the vinegar is cheaper than any herbacide and will not harm the environment.

  4. Small annual weeds will succumb to vinegar as mentioned above. Perennials and grassy need Roundup. Roundup kills what it touches, it does not move through the soil like many other weed killers.

    You might also use a beer can openener or screw driver, something with a point or small flat head and rake it through the soil, dislodging the weeds.

  5. You can use Spray Round Up. It also comes in an extended version (lasts longer). The spray head is adjustable and has an extension line from the handle.

  6. I have a large section of flagstone in my back yard. I use white vinegar!! I buy the large restaurant size bottles and pour it straight into the tiny cracks where the pesky weeds are. Works perfectly and better for the environment than chemicals. Do not pour it near anything you want to keep, vinegar isn’t selective about what it kills. Works great and is super cheap!!!

  7. Spray with round up, after grass and weeds are lifeless and brown they’ll be easy to pull out. After that apply a pre-emergent herbicide like preen. Next year apply pre-emergent early in spring before the weeds have a chance to germinate.