Do you think a brand new concrete driveway is an appropriate anniversary gift?

Seagle! Good to see you! 🙂
Funny Bear. 🙂

Butt prints….not a bad idea.
*lol Skatermom… your point is?? *doe eyed look*

13 Comments on “Do you think a brand new concrete driveway is an appropriate anniversary gift?

  1. Depends…. Is there a brand new car parked on or near it?

  2. yes so long a heart and you name are carved in the cement……so romantic.

  3. Only if she is (my wife) is under it

  4. some people get over offended if an anniversary gift is not romantic enough. but if your partner likes practical then it could work.

  5. It depends on if your significant other wants a concrete driveway…
    For example, my friend’s mom told my dad to get my mom a really pretty necklace for her birthday. My dad had been thinking about getting my mom some cookware since she likes to cook, but he went with the necklace anyway.

    Two weeks later on my moms birthday, my mom opened up the box, and said thank you honey yadda yadda yadd
    My dad gave her the gift receipt and the next day she went and exchangd the necklace for aPANCAKE GRIDDLE.

    The point is, get your significant other the driveway if they’ve said they want it or they’ll love it!

  6. Use river rocks instead of concrete. She’ll love it.

  7. Gosh men and women are so different. I would stick with some nice Jewelry. You know something under a 1000 is easy to find and can be beautiful. Gold witha a diamond pendant. hearts are always popular.

  8. I do not know man, what does your husband drive?

  9. Yes – extra credit if in the corner, they use a stick and make a heart sign with the initials of the 2 lovebirds. Or a butt-print. Either 1 works for me.

  10. I would say so… You need a reward for another year on the clock

  11. if you like the thought of the couch for the next month or so than go for it