pg&e dug my concrete driveway and replaced it with asphalt?

PG&E dug my concrete driveway to relocate the gas line/meter to my house at their expense with my consent. However they paved the dug part of the driveway with asphalt and destroyed the curb appeal of the property. I didn’t know they would do that.S…

what is the florida building code requirement for the depth of a concrete driveway?

I would like to know how thick the slab for a concrete driveway should be for a residential home

what would happen if you put epsom salt and calcium cloride on concrete driveway?

Why is my concrete driveway sinking?

There IS A small Portion Of My Driveway That Sunk Earlier This Year. Now That It Is Winter This Sunkin Area Melts All Of The Snow On It. It Does not Matter How Cold It Is The Snow Melts Almost Instantly. What Is The Problem?

What is best & easiest way to get engine oil out of a concrete aggregate brown pea gravel driveway?

have heard that you can use simple dishwash soap and scrub it and it comes right out? or why someone thought that to be true?

engine oil has been on brown pea gravel aggregate driveway for about a couple of weeks.

what if just paint over it with…

Can you use blacktop sealant on a concrete driveway?

Can i fill in holes in my concrete driveway?

I can’t afford a brand new driveway

what is the best method to remove gas stains or oil stains off concrete driveway many thanks?

resisdenital driveway concrete ,

I have a concrete square in my front driveway. How can a bring it out of the ground without breaking?

It has come loose and every time i drive over it rattles. I want to bring it up somehow and put more concrete underneath so that it becomes settled in the ground. It is an uneven surface.

How do we clean our concrete driveway after having work done on our car?

We had a friend come and replace our rear brake pads and drums on our car. When they were off he banged on what was remaining to clear it of dirt/buildup/etc. One side I swept up pretty good but the other side was run over afterwards and there’s a …