pg&e dug my concrete driveway and replaced it with asphalt?

PG&E dug my concrete driveway to relocate the gas line/meter to my house at their expense with my consent. However they paved the dug part of the driveway with asphalt and destroyed the curb appeal of the property. I didn’t know they would do that.Should I ask them to replace this asphalt with concrete?.

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  1. you must have asked for the relocation of the meter in which case it’s your problem

  2. If they asked to relocate the line, then they must restore to original conditions. If they were moving it at your request, then no.

  3. I’ve seen where asphalt is used as a temporary patch until a concrete contractor can finish the work. But it depends upon WHO asked or required the meter to be moved. If you did, you pay for the brand new concrete. If they did, they pay for the concrete. Both of you may have misunderstood each other’s question. You may have given permission for them to use asphalt where you thought you were giving them permission to move the meter. Just get with PG&E to solve the issue.

  4. Absolutely ask them to do the job correctly. If you have any problems take it to the Public Service and Utilities Commission. They will try to get away with it if you let them, or try to scare you into paying for it when they should have done it correctly to start with. If you asked an electrician to move an outlet, you wouldn’t expect him to patch the drywall with duct tape, would you?

  5. the asphalt is just temporary. they put that in so you could still use the driveway. someone else will come do the concrete.

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